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Sylvia Motta


She is a journalist from the University Javeriana of Colombia and has a Masters in Aesthetics and Art Theory from the University Autónoma of Madrid. She has twenty years of experience in the management of cultural projects of public interest. Since 2010 she has focused her work on management in the field of culture, for vulnerable populations. She created and directed for the Alta Consejería para la Reintegración de la Presidencia de la República de Colombia (Colombian Reintegration Agency), a pilot arts education plan for demobilized people in the process of reintegration, host communities and prevention strategy of underage recruitment, and coordinated a gender-focused project for demobilized women.

She conceived for the Colombian Reintegration Agency (Agencia Colombiana para la Reintegración de la Presidencia de la República) the document, “Arts in building a peace culture” (Las artes en la construcción de una cultura de paz) (a strategic methodology), and continued to work there as an advisor for the inclusion of arts and culture in the process of reintegration.

She currently works as an independent consultant for the implementation and development of similar projects.