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Academic: The experts that come together at HINABU CONSULTORES, have a broad academic background, and work as lecturers and researchers at various universities in Colombia and abroad.

As consultants: The trajectory of the experts that converge at HINABU CONSULTORES represents a varied, and extensive experience and expertise in:

  • Education and training
  • Project design, assesment and implementation
  • Structuring projects on Human Rights and Transitional Justice
  • International litigation
  • Coordination and execution of projects with population, ethnic, and differential focus.
  • Monitoring the execution of public policies
  • Support and counsel on Transitional Justice processes in Latin America
  • Supporting legislative processes of peace initiatives in Colombia
  • Conceptual, normative developments, and specialized diagnostics

From a public function perspective: Experts from HINABU CONSULTORES, have experience in the public sector, and have participated in the design and implementation of policies and programs that include:

  • Legislative management in Human Rights and Peace Processes
  • Administrative and integral reparation programs for victims
  • Diagnosis of the Ten-Year Justice Plan on its Transitional Justice component
  • Inter-institutional coordination in the execution of Law 975 of 2005, Law 1424 of 2010, and Law 1448 of 2011
  • Land Restitution Policy
  • Reinsertion Policy
  • Inter-institutional Model of Attention for Victims
  • Symbolic repration and cultural programs
  • Public policies with differential focus
  • Human Rights educational programs
  • Foreign policy and international relations
  • Public policies evaluation
  • Judicial processes intervention,regarding Transitional Justice


Some of our clients include: MAPP/OAS, IOM, CODHES: Consultancy on Human Rights and Displacemen, NCG, AECID